My relationship with the Scale

I’ve been meaning to write this particular post since a very long time, but never ended getting down to it, until now!

So, for the sake of those who are new to my blog, or if you haven’t read my First Post, let me give you a quick little background with regards to my weight.

Until age 19 – Borderline Obese

15 March 2015 – 64.4 kgs

15 April 2015 – 59.2 kg

15 May 2015 – 57.9 kg

15 June 2015 – 56.2 kg

15 July 2015 – 53.9 kg (Ramadan, hence the big difference)

15 August 2015 – 54.6 kg (Traveling, eating junk)

15 September 2015 – 52.5 kg

15 October 2015 – 51.8 kg

15 November 2015 – 51.7 kg


It was at this point where I had a plateau, so I stopped checking the weight regularly, just once in a while. Also around this point, the first half of 2016, I got sucked into the junk food vegan world, so the weight went on a roller coaster ride. Also wasn’t working out that much and was stressed out, which was the cherry on top.


15 March 2016 – 49.7 kg

15 April 2016 – 50.0 kg

15 May 2016 – 49.9 kg

15 June 2016 – 49.9 kg


At this point, I completely gave up checking the weight, just ate and ate, vegan of course. For 10 months, I didn’t step on the scale. Then, this happened.


15 March 2017 – 54.2 kg

15 April 2017 – 53.4 kg (Went raw on April 30, my 22nd birthday)

15 May 2017 – 51.5 kg

15 June 2017 – 50.8 kg (Was raw till the end of June, then was traveling, eating mostly raw, but the rest was vegan junk)


Fast forward to September, I was back home from all the traveling, sick from all the crap I ate, literally had sharp pains in my lower belly. At that point I was like enough, back to raw, since I had already done 50 days raw and knew that’s exactly what my body needed.


15 September 2017 – 49.5 kg


So I was raw for 30 days, then was high raw for October and November, fully raw for December 2017, had 3 days of cooked in January 2018, one day being bottled coconut water, second being a steamed sweet potato and the third being a buffet, where I ate mostly raw, but had some cooked too. And that was the last cooked meal I had. Been raw ever since.


At this point, I hadn’t checked my weight since September 2017, and since I was avoiding the scale anyway, decided I would step on it for one last time on the 1st of January 2018, because everyone kept asking me what my weight was, since I was eating raw.


1st January 2018 – 47.6 kgs


I decided, now that I’ve checked my weight on the first day of the year, I would check it again next only on 1st January 2019, would try and go the whole year without stepping on the scale, since I hadn’t been doing it lately, plus I do believe weight is just a number, and doesn’t define who you are, how you feel, things like that.


All was going smooth, until I gave in after listening to people’s comments and questions on my weight. So I stepped on the scale again, and here is what I found.



Long story short, start weight, 64.4. Weight as of 7 May 2018, is 43.5. That’s almost 21 kilos of weight, lost in a span of a little over 3 years.


I must add, I am very tall, my height is 142 cm, that’s 4’8″. (You better note the sarcasm here).


This has been my journey, as a weight loss transformation, and as a raw vegan. From junk food carnist, to whole foods, to whole foods plant based, to junk vegan, to high raw, to raw vegan. The weight was on a roller coaster the whole time. Except for raw. Raw is just perfect!



Weight, as of June 23, 2018

Peace out! ✌️

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