My Body’s Reaction to Cooked food after 50 days.

This post was meant to be written almost a year ago, when I ended my 53 days raw, June 2017! Whoops!

As I was going through my older post on the negatives of a raw diet, I realized that although I said I would write a post on my body’s reaction to cooked, I never ended up doing it. So here goes! It’s been almost a year though, and hence, I may not have as many details, so please just bear with me.

Now, this was my first cooked meal.

Steamed veggies and guacamole. Oh gosh I kind of feel pukish just thinking about it!

Don’t get me wrong, it tasted incredible, especially with the guacamole, something I had come to love over those fifty days. And the steamed veggies was the one thing I craved the whole while I was raw. And when I finally had it, it went hitting right at the spot! Cooked food, you see? Works just like a drug. And then you’ve gotta keep coming back for it over and over and over again, and you don’t even know when to stop!

Nevertheless, that’s not the topic of this post, it is about how my body reacted to the cooked food.

First things first, the first bite I took (a steamed potato cube), it took me to some sort of high. Not in a good way, not the kind of fruit high I get every single day. The potato high was one that came crashing down almost immediately after (more on that coming in a bit).

Now, I must add here though, this was towards the end of Ramadan, but it was still Ramadan, and this was my Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) at 3 AM. I was having smoothies every single morning, and that one particular morning, I had this platter. So not just from continuous raw to cooked, but from sweet to savoury and from drinking, to eating. Can you even imagine how my body must have reacted? Oh and, mind you, this was all oil free, salt free. Steamed for just a couple of minutes until soft. The cleanest of cooked food, definitely. Still cooked though.

So I took a few bites, was enjoying the taste, and then it hit me. I realized, I was actually enjoying the guacamole more than the steamed veggies. Another few bites in, and I stopped eating. I felt pukish, so I set the plate aside and drank some water and stood up. And then, almost immediately, I got dizzy, had a sharp stomach ache, foggy head, blurry vision, and just couldn’t sit or stand. Using the wall as my support, I somehow walked, went straight to bed and lied down there like a rock for good twenty minutes. I couldn’t even keep my eyes open, the eye lids were that heavy. And I am not even exaggerating, this is the best way I could type it out, the way it felt was even worse!

Twenty minutes later, I mustered the courage to get up, drink some water, brush my teeth, pray and go back to bed. Eight hours of solid sleep later, when I woke up to hit the restroom, the poo bus didn’t come. It. just. didn’t. show. up! I was so freaked out, like, what the heck, after over 50 days of cleaning, I now have potatoes stuck inside of me?! I don’t recall very well, but the bus came another six to eight hours later, which was such a relief, literally! Both physically and mentally. If you eat rt4, or high raw, then you probably know what I am talking about. We raw peeps got stuff slipping and sliding out of us so efficiently, ain’t nobody got time to wait for the poo bus to show up!

I still had a few cooked meals here and there for another few months after this incident, and then went fully raw, when my body just couldn’t take those cooked meals anymore. Raw, obviously, is the right thing to do. Not high raw. Not raw till 4. But fully raw. If you still want to eat something cooked, know that it’s the 🐛🐛🐛 talking.


Peace out! ✌️

PS. If you haven’t already, read my 50 day raw experience here. And the negatives of a raw diet, in my opinion, here. Also, stay tuned for my 150 day raw experience, coming soon!

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