My Health Journey!

Welcome! So glad you are here! I hope you enjoy reading my first post as much as I did writing it! 😁

Alright. Let me quickly tell you my story. I am going to dive right into it! I was an overweight child. Went into my teens overweight. Teenage years were almost ending. Still overweight. Until one fine day, March 15 2015, to be exact, I said ok that’s enough. I am done. I am done with this. Call it chubby, healthy, big boned, plus sized, round, etc. etc. The list is never ending. πŸ˜’

But the reality, the tiny yet horrible word, yes, I am looking at you, ‘fat’. That word. That one word is so poisonous, it has the ability to destroy you.😫 Physically, yes. But even mentally. It will snatch away your confidence, your self esteem, your happiness and will make you feel downright worthless.😩

And I was done being fat. I was done being the odd one out, not being able to fit in the crowd, not being able to wear a gorgeous dress ‘coz of a size issue, not wanting to even look myself in the mirror, and so many things more. If you are fat or know someone who is, then maybe you can relate. And for whoever feels offended with me using the word ‘fat’, you can go ahead, close this page and move on with your day. I will continue to use that word, because no other word will bring about the same impact as the word ‘fat’ will. Trust me on this one. Been there, done that. πŸ™„

So what happened starting 15th March 2015 you ask? I lost more than 15 kgs. But that is just one thing out of so many that happened. Now when it comes to a weight loss journey, that’s all people talk about. The number. The number on the scale.🎚 The numbers lost. The inches lost around waist, thighs, etc. And sometimes even progress pictures. But that’s about it. Nobody talks about the mental aspect of loosing weight. Nobody talks about its emotional side. Nobody talks about what happens after you have lost the weight. After you reach your target.🎯 Because for everyone, this is just a diet. A quick fix. A short term solution. And that is straight up wrong. Because when you restrict yourself, things will get worse. Just like pulling an arrow backwards. The more you pull it back, the more it will go forward, with a greater strength and speed. And that is when it is going to do more damage.

So what is the solution then? It can’t be a “diet” for sure. It can’t be a temporary change. It can’t be a few days or weeks or months thing. It has to be a lifestyle change. Why? Because if it is temporary, then the results will be temporary too, don’t you think? It is pretty logical. If we want something to last a lifetime, we have to take care of it for our entire lifetime.

So what am I upto now that I have lost my excess weight? When I began my journey, it was just about the weight. About the number. But as I got into it, I realised that there is more to this journey than just losing weight. I lost the weight yes, but I found myself. I found health. I found happiness. Now, I work hard and try my best to live a natural life, just like our grandparents and great grand parents did. No, that doesn’t not mean I wake up at 5 am πŸ•”and start my day by taking bath in a river. 🏞Heck, I live in a desert,🏜 there is no river here. It does not mean I don’t use technology and stuff eitherπŸ“±πŸ’»πŸ“Έ. You wouldn’t be reading this if that were the case. What I really mean by living like our ancestors did is living a whole natural life. Chemical free, toxic free, industrial product free, junk free, etc πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ›’β˜’πŸ°πŸ­πŸ¦. You get the drill. Go ask your grandparents if they had pizza’s and pastas as often as we do, if they used chemical loaded products like we do back in their day. And by that, I am referring to face wash, body wash, hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, toner, moisturiser, acne cream, night cream, day cream, under eye cream, hand and nail cream, foot care cream, deodorant, antiperspirant, carpet cleaner, tile cleaner, oven cleaner, fabric softener, stain remover, wood spray, air freshener, pest killer and the list goes on. I hope I have not scared you by this point.πŸ™ƒ

I am not saying I have 100% stopped using or consuming all these things, although I try my best to limit them as much as possible. But as a girl, I like using makeup once in a while. Sometimes, all I want to do is tuck in, eat pasta and watch TV all evening. Living in the 21st century, it is not that easy to just go cold turkey when it comes to doing something you have been doing ever since you can remember! Right now, our life is completely surrounded by those stuff, and if we want to get rid of them, it only makes sense to do it slow and steady. Because remember the arrow? When we go cold turkey, thats just the same as pulling the arrow back. What happens when we release the arrow then? I don’t need to repeat it. You are an intelligent person. You know. You can very well imagine.😱

I think that has been a lot of information in a go! Too much talking, not enough doing.. So until next time, try to look at everything you put in and on your body and how that affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. And no, I am not asking you to throw away half your house in the trash. Just take a look at what all you are using/consuming and why you are doing it. What are your reasons? Are they physical? Emotional? Financial? Mental? Think about it. Ask yourself questions. Half the time, a solution lies in the problem itself.

Feel free to drop whatever your heart desires in the comments! ☺

And remember, you are an amazing human being, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Take care! πŸ‘‹

See ya later, alligator! πŸ‘»



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  4. ayesha

    wow! now that is something there.. well you mentioned nobody talks about the mental and emotional stuff.. so how did u feel? what “exactly” made you take that final decision. and when u started with the intention of losing just weight, how did you keep yourself on track during your initial days.. man!!! so many questions πŸ˜‰

    1. A Plant Based Blog

      I kept a log, kept writing EVERYTHING in my diary. There was no “final decision” actually, because I always knew I wanted to do this, was just waiting for a perfect day to start all along!

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