My Journey!

Allow me to officially introduce myself..

Hello! Most of you may know me as Rawsheen, Nausheen the Vegan, The Veiled Vegan or ‘The Essential Oils lady’ (Raw Essential Co.)

For those that are new, I’m Nausheen. Raised as a meat eater, sick and obese, I began making dietary and lifestyle changes at the age of 19. Gradually shifting to a whole foods, plant based way of eating for weight loss and restoring my health, while simultaneously educating myself on factory farming, and ethics in general, making the connection and finally the complete switch. ✨

The story, however, doesn’t end here. While I still was experimenting with what works best, digestion wise, energy, moods, performance, etc., I began to notice that when I would have completely uncooked meals, I would never have a crash/low after, like I did when I incorporated cooked components into my food. 🤯

Gradually going from one raw meal a day (breakfast, easiest place to begin), to having two raw meals, to challenging myself to go raw for one week at a time, then two, then a month, two months, then purposefully eating cooked food and realizing ‘nah, this stuff isn’t for me..’, and accepting and completely, finally making the switch. 🎉

All in all, that took three years.
One could either make a change overnight, or gradually. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. Either way, we all must give our best, because after all, junk food is right there, we’ve been eating it all our lives. Hasn’t done us any good. So it can wait in the side, because now is the best and only time to actually take care of our health. To actually love and nourish ourselves, because if not now, then when❓


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