150 days Raw Vegan Fruitarian Challenge Experience 💚

I’ve been meaning to write this post since so long, but just haven’t got down to doing it. This was initially a 100 days post, but since we’ve crossed fifty days over, here we are, skipping the 100 days post, getting right into the 150!

Now if you haven’t already, I suggest you read my 50 days post first, then come back and continue reading here.

Also, if you haven’t read my post on the negatives of a raw diet, then I say read that too first, before proceeding on here.

Now, how I will go about this post is, I will compare, side by side, the 150 days to the 50 days experience.

First things first, the ENERGY LEVELS. The previous post, I used the words ‘through the roof’. It’s not any different right now, but it is constant. In the sense that, when you go from cooked to raw, your energy levels will soar, it will go from low to very high, but when you are raw for a long time, the energy levels are always going to be high, you don’t feel like it is through the roof, because that is how it always is, and that becomes normal for you, if that makes any sense. I could easily say, that feeling low, or low energy on a raw diet would be equal to normal energy levels on a cooked one. In my experience, the only times I’d be a little low on energy would be when I am out and about and haven’t had the chance to eat for hours together. Even when that happens, I am much better off than my company of cooked fooders, comparatively, energy wise. They’d be like zombies needing their fix, while I’d still keep going strong with no issues.

AFTER MEAL CRASH. Obviously doesn’t exist, I kind of have forgotten what it feels like. But I would say this. When I eat a meal that is slightly high in fat, especially the cupboard food (soaked nuts and seeds) I don’t feel as incredible as I feel when I eat all fresh produce meals. Avocados though, no issues, doesn’t matter the quantity. Again, because it is fresh food and not cupboard food.

SKIN. Cleaner, clearer, softer, smoother. Pimple marks fading away, birth marks vanishing, moles lightening in color and some just peeling off. I’ve also been incorporating dry brushing to help with the detox, that’s been helping quite a bit too, especially with ingrown hair, something I’ve always had, although not a lot.

WEIGHT. It just keeps going down. After over a year of plateau. Even when I just keep eating and eating. Read more about my weight here. A quick summary though, max weight, 64.4 kgs, currently 42.7 kgs. Also, I stand super tall at 142 cm, that’s 4’8″. Just putting it out here before someone comes at me with the anorexia and bulimia attaks. Raw is NOT an eating disorder, CHILL!

THE MENTAL ASPECT. On the 50 day post, this point was called ‘More intuned with the body’. Now that’s something I’ve covered on there. Here I want to talk about the mental aspect of being raw, what my experiences have been with it. Fair warning though, this may get a little personal, so if you want to skip over and go to the next point, feel free, please!

Now, in the last 150 days, I’ve been through a lot. Betrayal from people I could never even think of, things I’ve waited literally for years, going the exact opposite of what I imagined, very close people just so easily chopping me out of their lives (vegan problems) because I show them the mirror (ego), etc. etc. All personal stuff that doesn’t need to be on here. Why I am bringing it up here is to explain how being raw helped me through them. And I can guarantee that, if I was in the exact same situations while eating cooked, I just would not have been able to take it. Why? Because cooked food numbs you out, it drugs you, it doesn’t let you feel things, it doesn’t let feelings come out naturally. Versus on raw, you have nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, you HAVE to face your worst fears. Although that sounds terrible, it passes real quick, and it will be gone for good, faster than you could imagine. If I was on cooked, the exact same things would keep coming up, over and over again, and I would have a very very hard time getting over it. But now, on raw, meh, there’s more important things to worry about! Now, pass me the mangoes please! 😉

TIME SAVING. Right now, I really am strongly of the opinion that cooking food is such a huge waste of time! I don’t have time to sit and set fire to my food all day, everyday, three times a day! And then you gotta let it cool before you could eat it. Ain’t nobody got time for that! For me, food right now, food is just peel, eat, get over it. Chop, eat, get out. Blend, chug, done! So simple, we only want to complicate things for absolutely no reason whatsoever!

DIGESTION AND ELIMINATION. Flawless, effortless, perfection. First thing in the morning, washroom,10 minutes tops, in and out. On cooked, easily 20-25 minutes. Rice and beans = sticky poo. Fruit though, slips and slides out of you. Suuuch a time saver!

The rest of the topics that I’ve covered in the 50 days post is pretty much the same, body odour, nails, healing powers, water requirement, etc.

If there is anything else that you would like me to cover on the topic, then please let me know!

Also, my request to you is, since you’ve read all the way till here, please share this post with whoever you think may benefit from it.

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  1. Lem

    I really appreciate you sharing your experience with such clarity, candor and transparency. I went mostly raw vegan a couple weeks ago for about 10 days. Since I didn’t know how to do it, I ordered from and paid handsomely from a company out of California called Rawvolution. I can’t afford $160/week but it was def with the experience. Can you possibly share what resource you used to l for recipes and meal planning? I’d like to believe that you just pick up some fruit and keep it moving but as a recovering perfectionist and Virgo I’m finding it difficult to make the commitment to extend my raw vegan experience without some sort of organization. Thanks for what you have shared thus far; very enlightening. I’m a new fan!

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