How to go about a Raw Ramadan

So many people have been asking me this, so I figured I’d just write a blog post on it. Yes, this isn’t my first Vegan Ramadan. It is my third Vegan Ramadan, second raw one. Although it will be Ramadan already by the time you read this, and I am off the internet, I’ve scheduled a few posts, lined up so you don’t miss out on anything. Or rather, this is me checking on you so you don’t be eating trash. Call me health police, I don’t care.

Back to the topic, how does one do a raw Ramadan? I know, just a vegan Ramadan can be overwhelming, and raw is just next level. Hence, this blog post.

Here’s what I did last Ramadan, 2017. And Ramadan 2018 isn’t going to be much different.

Now for me, Ramadan isn’t very hard at all, since I intermittent fast everyday for 17-18 hours, some days up to 21 hours, all year round. Ramadan is just 16 hours of fasting, so it isn’t a big deal when it comes to what to eat, how much to eat, what about hunger, etc.

  1. For Suhoor, the breakfast, the first meal of the day, at a little before 3 AM, a smoothie. Not that huge, just about 600-750 ml. Enough to get me through the day.
  2. Iftaar, the opening the fast meal, after 6 PM, starts with dates and water, followed by a fruit salad and one to two types of cut up fruit, watermelon, or mango, could be melons too, depends on what’s in abundance at the moment.
  3. For dinner, around 10 pm, a small salad, just to get in the fat for the day, referring to mainly Avocados.

Now if I am out and about, I will drown myself in fresh fruit juice, mostly orange, pineapple or watermelon, because our temperatures are hitting 40-45°C, and that’s probably the easiest way to keep cool, physically and mentally (seeing everyone around me eat absolute crap just pisses me off).

That’s basically how I went about last Ramadan. This Ramadan is probably going the same way. It’s real easy eating raw, there is nothing to worry about, no upset stomach from eating crap, no hunger or dehydration, nothing!

I wish I had done all my Ramadans raw. Better late than never though, isn’t it?

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Don’t make the month about food, and have a blessed one! 💚


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