Ramadan Tips from a Raw Vegan

Ramadan is around the corner, and although people are dry fasting for 12-16 hours, they tend to gain weight instead of losing. Why is that? Because the moment they can finally eat, they lose it. Their brains, hand and mouth completely disconnect, they have no control over what to eat and how much eat. And more often than not, they are eating complete trash anyway, deep fried, sugary, salty garbage.

I’m not going to rant over it anymore, let’s just get into the tips already.

Ramadan Tip #1
For Suhoor, don’t fill yourself up till the brim, to a point of discomfort, to a point where you are pukish. It’s your stomach, not a tank. The less you eat, the better. No, you aren’t going to die of starvation, just eat enough to get through the day. Eating too much is just going to make it hard on your physical self.

Ramadan Tip #2
Chill with the sugary, salty and deep fried food in general, please. You were fasting all day, it only makes sense to refuel with nourishing food instead of zero nutrition garbage.

Ramadan Tip #3
Keep hydrated. Aim for at least 3 litres in all. And don’t you dare complain of thirst and dehydration if you aren’t going to stop with the salty, oily, dehydrating crap, seriously!

Ramadan Tip #4
Don’t. Make. The. Month. About. Food. Seriously, just don’t. Food should be the last thing to focus on during the month. Food isn’t going anywhere, you can give it your 100% all year round, just like you’ve been doing all your life.

Ramadan Tip #5
Dinner. It’s okay to skip it. Because if you eat too heavy and too late, you are going to have a hard time catching a shut eye. Why? Well, where is that energy you just ate going to go?

Ramadan Tip #6
Idk where you live, but where I do, temperatures are hitting 40-45°C. So not just keep hydrated, but eat high water content fruit. A lot of it. Try to have fresh juicy fruit every single day, if possible, even incorporate fresh juices. Not the sugar loaded fake, from concentrate, bottled nonsense, but the real deal.

Ramadan Tip #7
Workout. If you are regular with it, keep at it. If you aren’t, you don’t have to. Just go with the flow, do what you feel like, without pushing your body too much during the month. But if your aim is weight loss for the month, and you can’t figure a suitable time for a workout, then I would suggest do it immediately before iftaar, that way you workout and can have post workout immediately after. Working out in a fasted state is incredible for weight loss.

Ramadan Tip #8
Sleep. Don’t eat at least an hour before sleeping. At least one hour. The energy needs to go somewhere, or you end up with restless legs, twitching, tossing, turning and insomnia. This is a general tip, to be applied all year round. Stop eating a couple of hours before bed time.

Ramadan Tip #9
Don’t spend all day on YouTube watching recipes. And don’t spend all day in the kitchen creating recipes. Ramadan is not the month for experimenting, you have the other 11 months for that. Just don’t waste time on food in general. Don’t make the month about food.

Ramadan Tip #10
Don’t eat so much at iftaar that you can’t even get up go pray. People take it easy the first few days, then go nuts after. Don’t do that. Just eat enough to keep your back straight.

This is very repetitive, but shift your focus off food. Completely. It’s not going anywhere. Don’t be a slave to your habits, and to your tastebuds.

Have a blessed month!

Ramadan Mubarak. 🌙


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