Date Mylkshake

So I’ve been wanting to have a super creamy, super sweet date shake since a while. But haven’t really been wanting to do it with soaked nuts.

So the only other options are seeds and coconuts. Coconut meat, I’d rather eat by itself than use it in a recipe. So what’s left? Something from the seeds. That too needs to be soaked for a creamy shake.

But what happened is, when I put the dates for soaking overnight, I completely forgot to put the seeds, I was thinking of a combination of sesame and sunflower.

So next morning, after I dumped the soaked dates and the soaking water into the blender, I realized this is not going to be what I wanted, without the seeds for the creamy factor since I didn’t soak any.

In that very moment, it clicked me, that although I don’t have them soaked, nor do I have sunflower seed butter, I do have Tahini , which is essentially sesame seed butter, right? So I used that!

The rest is history, it turned out so good, I’ve now been making this shake almost everytime I run out of ripe bananas!


  1. 10 dates, soaked overnight
  2. 2 tbsp tahini
  3. 1/2 litre of water, or more, depending on what consistency you are looking for.


Blend and enjoy! 🎊



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